Preventative Care

At LA Medical Associates, we understand the value that lies in understanding our patients’ full medical histories in order to identify and prevent issues before they manifest into something much more complicated. We offer annual wellness visits to all of our internal medicine patients, ensuring that their health is properly managed and held to the highest standard. While unfortunately, not every facet of the health profile can be controlled, lifestyle risks such as tobacco use, high BMI and high blood pressure can be addressed at these annual visits and dealt with in a proactive way. We create individualized treatment plans depending on each patients’ needs in order to minimize the effects of those factors and maximize longevity. In the long run, that equates to fewer trips to the doctor’s office and/or hospital for YOU!
We recommend that our patients see us for a wellness appointment at least once per year in accordance with preventative health guidelines. At LA Medical Associates, we are here for you every step of the way.


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